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by | Jan 1, 2023 | Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental veneers are discreet, tooth-coloured shells that dentists place over the front surface of teeth to make them look nicer. Veneers can be made from porcelain or composite resin material and are custom-made to match the colour and shape of your natural teeth. This cosmetic dentistry treatment can help people who are self-conscious about their teeth and want to improve their smile.


benefits veneers cosmetic chatswoodWhat are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are a popular way to enhance your smile by bonding thin shells to the front surfaces of your natural teeth.

They can adjust the shape, size, and colour of your teeth if they are chipped, stained, gapped or crooked. However, only your dentist can determine if porcelain veneers are the best option for you.

So before getting veneers, it is crucial to have a conversation with your dentist about the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment so that you can make an informed decision. 


What are the veneers teeth pros and cons?

In this blog, we will focus on porcelain veneers, as they look more natural and last longer than composite veneers.


Pros of porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are popular among dental patients because of the many important benefits they offer, including:

  • Natural good looks Many people prefer porcelain veneers because they are less likely to show stains, and their translucence makes teeth look brighter. 
  • Brighten the teeth Unlike your natural teeth, porcelain veneers are highly resistant to staining, so you can rest assured knowing that your beautiful new smile will last a lifetime. One of the most important benefits of this treatment is that it can help teeth that don’t respond to teeth whitening. 
  • Quick results A dental veneer is a treatment that, unlike some other dental treatments, doesn’t require multiple visits over an extensive period of time to see results. Your smile will be instantly transformed, and the entire process can usually be done in only two appointments. 
  • Durability and longevity With good care and maintenance, your porcelain veneers can last for a decade or more before you need to replace them. advantages teeth veneers chatswood
  • Address minor cosmetic issues Dental veneers may not be able to fix misaligned or overlapping teeth, but they can make your teeth look brighter and straighter. This is why they are often called “instant orthodontics.” For those with slightly overlapping teeth, dentists may recommend veneers. However, veneers might not be an ideal solution if your misalignment is severe.
  • Supportive and strong By adding veneers to your teeth, you can significantly boost their strength and integrity. This process is also less invasive than getting a dental crown.
  • Flexibility Dental veneers are an affordable, customisable treatment that can be tailored to your specific dental needs. If you’re generally pleased with your smile but have one problem tooth, veneers may be a quick and easy solution for you. Conversely, you may choose a more dramatic change by opting to replace all your teeth. At our dental clinic, we want to help you smile with confidence. Our dentists will be glad to sit down with you and discuss your goals for your smile. Then, you can decide how many veneers you need to achieve the beautiful results you are hoping for.


Cons of porcelain veneers

  • Irreversible procedure A significant downside to this procedure is that after the dentist removes a layer of tooth enamel, it cannot grow back. This makes the process permanent. Nevertheless, after we have given you the smile of your dreams, we highly doubt you would want to return to your previous dental state. 
  • Vulnerable to damage Although porcelain is just as durable as tooth enamel, it can easily break if you have habits, such as tearing off fingernails with your teeth, using your teeth to remove bottle caps, and quickly ripping open packaging. Just as you shouldn’t use your natural teeth as tools, the same goes for veneers. Although porcelain veneers can be replaced, you will have to go through the process again, and it may not come cheap.
  • Increased sensitivity Since the cosmetic dentist removes some tooth enamel to make room for dental veneers, you may experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Often, tooth sensitivity is only temporary. If you’re experiencing discomfort, try switching to toothpaste for sensitive teeth – just for a little while.

So, there you have it – the pros and cons of dental veneers. 



What are the ways to care for dental veneers?

By following the below tips, you can keep your dental veneers in excellent condition for an extended period of time.


Schedule a meeting with your dentist to get a routine cleaning

Proper hygiene and regular dental appointments every six months are critical for maintaining good oral health. This way, any potential problems can be caught early on before they turn into bigger issues.

Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque beneath the gum line and from tooth surfaces. 


veneer dental drawbacks chatswoodFloss every day

Remember, dental veneers are attached to your natural teeth using cement.

The longevity of your veneers depends on the health of the teeth that they cover.

Flossing is an essential part of oral care that not only helps clean your teeth but also protects against gum disease and inflammation. 


Stop smoking

Not only does smoking put you at risk of developing dental diseases, but it also discolours and weakens your dental veneers. Staying away from cigarettes is an excellent way to maintain the appearance of your dental veneers.


Keep your teeth and gums healthy

The better condition your gums and teeth are in; the more likely dental veneers will stay on successfully. Good oral hygiene habits will help you achieve and maintain good oral health. You can keep your veneers in top condition by following a simple daily routine of flossing, brushing, and rinsing with mouthwash. Maintaining good habits doesn’t just benefit your health–it can also shield your dental veneers from damage.


tooth veneers disadvantages chatswoodConsume fewer foods that cause staining 

Some foods and beverages can cause staining, dulling your veneers’ appearance over time. These include tea, coffee, and red wine.

To keep your veneers looking their best, avoid these food items as much as possible. 


Who should get veneers?

If any of the below signs apply to you, veneers may be something to consider:


1. You have excellent dental hygiene

Your teeth and gums should be as healthy as possible before considering any type of cosmetic dentistry. If they’re not, don’t worry – you can still get veneers with the right treatment plan.


2. You have sufficient tooth enamel

Good candidates for dental veneers have enough tooth enamel for the veneers to bond properly. If there is not an adequate amount of enamel, the veneer will not be able to function properly.


3. Your cosmetic issues are minor

Dental veneers are the best way to cover common cosmetic imperfections of the teeth, such as cracks, chips, and misshapen or discoloured teeth.


4. Your teeth have deep stains

Store-bought teeth whiteners will not work if your teeth are discoloured from smoking or other dark foods and beverages. Porcelain veneers are not only a great way to cover external stains, but they can also help with internal discolouration from decay or old fillings.


Improve your smile today with veneers at Boutique Dental Care

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