Dental Implants Chatswood

Dental Implants Chatswood

Dental Implants in Chatswood NSW

Welcome to Boutique Dental Care in Chatswood. We provide tailored solutions to those with missing teeth including the latest dental implants.

Chatswood NSW patients should know that dental implants remain the gold standard for missing tooth replacement even though they have been around since the mid-1960s.

Why? Because although other types of tooth replacement are relatively effective, nothing comes close to a dental implant. Modern dental implants in Chatswood are predictable, reliable and capable of supporting a variety of fixed restorations. They have the ability to fully restore both bite function and appearance.

What Exactly Is A Dental Implant?

Made from biocompatible material (usually titanium) dental implants are in effect an artificial tooth root. Once anchored into the jaw, any remaining bone tissue will fuse with the implant to create a strong and durable structure. This can then be used to support a single dental crown or bridge or be used alongside other dental implants to support an entire arch of replacement teeth. Unlike other forms of missing teeth replacement, a dental implant remains a permanent structure in the mouth.

Here at Boutique Dental Care in Chatswood NSW, our team uses state of the art computer-guided technology to place implants more accurately with less surgery time. The end result is a flawless tooth replacement that blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth while complimenting your smile.

To find out just how dental implants in Chatswood NSW can help you, contact the Boutique Dental Care team today!

Dental implants Chatswood NSW – What patients can expect

Undergoing dental implants here in Chatswood NSW requires a number of appointments or stages. Let’s take a closer look…

The consultation

During the first visit, Dr Quah-Shepherd will talk with you to understand your dental needs. She will ask you about your medical history, give you an oral examination and take some digital x-rays. From this, she will develop your customised treatment plan. This details what needs to be done and within what time frame.

Fitting your dental implant/s

After several weeks, you will be called back to our dental surgery for implant placement. with our implant surgeon Dr Cecilia So.We’re pleased to offer our patients the latest dental implant technology with computer-guided flapless surgery. This means that in some cases, patients with compromised jaw bone can still receive dental implants.

Digital implants also mean that Chatswood NSW patients benefit from shorter surgery time, fewer dental visits, and a superior solution in terms of implant placement, stability, and healing.

The good news for patients in Chatswood NSW is that dental implants are truly multi-functional. In addition to replacing a single tooth. Our highly skilled team can also treat patients who have multiple missing teeth, or even, all of their teeth. The latter of which uses as few as 4 implants to secure a full arch of natural-looking, false teeth.

Bone fusion (osseointegration)

After dental implant placement, patients here in Chatswood NSW will need to allow time for any bone tissue to fuse with the newly placed implant or implants. This is known as osseointegration and is vital to ensuring a stable restoration in the mouth. This can take anywhere between 2-5 months depending upon your healing abilities. Our dentist in Chatswood NSW will use this time to create your permanent crown or crowns. 

Abutment/crown fitting

Once our Sydney dentist is happy that your dental implant or implants have fused with your existing bone, your abutment and the permanent crown can be fitted.  In some cases, this can be done at the time of implant placement in a process known as immediate loading. Typically, however, the abutment and permanent crown are fitted at a later date.

The whole process takes somewhere between 3-6 months to complete depending upon your existing condition, your body’s ability to heal or the type of implants placed. The end result, however, is a flawless natural look where there were once missing teeth.

If you have a gappy smile and feel that it’s about time you did something about it, come and talk to our dentists about dental implants Chatswood. Dr Quah-Shepherd has the experience and skill to transform your smile into something that you can be proud of.

What happens when you don’t replace a missing tooth?

It might be tempting to dismiss a missing tooth – especially if it isn’t in your smile line. There are however consequences you might not have considered. The inability to eat and chew properly can take a toll on your nutrition while just a single missing tooth can result in the shifting and movement of other healthy teeth.

While this may not seem like a huge problem, shifting teeth can cause bite alignment issues. This then makes your existing teeth difficult to clean which greatly increases the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

In addition, poor alignment can cause jaw joint disorders which can lead to jaw tenderness and even head and neck problems.

So if you really want to look after your oral health, it’s imperative that you replace any missing teeth.


Am I a candidate for dental implants treatment in Chatswood?

Before you set your mind on dental implants, our dentists first need to ensure that your mouth is healthy enough to support them. During your initial meeting at our Chatswood NSW clinic, we’ll discuss your requirements, your current oral health status and any medical considerations that might come into play. A dental examination and X-rays will also help to determine if there is sufficient bone in place prior to initiating any treatment.

Why are dental implants Chatswood better for many people than dentures?

Dentures have a reputation for being uncomfortable and ill-fitting which can make it difficult for people to chew their food properly and speak clearly. Often, denture wearers are limited to eating softer foods which, in turn, can restrict their nutritional intake and may have a detrimental effect on their health. Dental implants, on the other hand, are more stable and have an increased bite force which allows people to eat a wider variety of foods – just as they would with their natural teeth. They are also fixed in your mouth .

Moreover, dentures sit on top of the bony ridge and are not anchored into the jawbone. This means that they are unable to halt the progression of bone loss. Dental implants, on the other hand, act as artificial tooth roots to stimulate the bone and keep it healthy and strong.

How much do dental implants cost in Chatswood NSW?

It’s difficult to give an exact figure because each implant case is different. The cost varies according to how many implants are placed, the type of implants used, whether a bone graft or sinus lift is necessary, the complexity of the treatment, and even the experience of the dentist placing them.

The good news is that Boutique Dental Care offers a variety of payment plans including After Pay, Denticare, and MySmilePlan making implants more affordable for everyone.

How are dental implants cared for?

Just like your natural teeth, dental implants need to be adequately cleaned and maintained. While they don’t fall prey to dental cavities, you could develop infection or gum disease if you don’t practice good oral health. This can weaken an implant and cause it to fail in the first few weeks after surgery, or even years later.

This is why it’s important to brush and floss around your implants and maintain regular visits to our dentist who can check both on your gum health and that of your implant.

How long do implants last?

Once osseointegration (bone fusion) has successfully taken place, an implant has the potential to last for decades provided it is cared for properly. It’s well documented that some implants have remained in place for more than 40 years.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

We excel in the art of gentle dentistry at our Chatswood NSW dental clinic. As with all of our dental treatments, we use a combination of the latest techniques and technology and local anaesthetic to minimise any patient discomfort. In fact, many Chatswood patients who have previously undergone dental implant restorations are surprised at just how comfortable the procedure is.

In addition, however, we can also provide IV sedation for anxious patients or for those who would prefer not to be aware of what is happening during the procedure. You may also be prescribed mouthwashes or antibiotics after the implant surgery to prevent infection and ensure comfort while your body heals.

Am I too old for dental implants?

There is no upper age restriction for having dental implants. As dentists, we are more concerned with your current state of oral health than your age. There are many documented cases of patients in their 80s undergoing a dental implant procedure and seeing a renewed lease of life.

Getting implants isn’t a quick-fix solution and patients need to be committed to working with our dentists to ensure the best outcome.

Patients can be reassured that all cases are examined on their merits and we tailor our procedures to meet the dental needs of each individual – irrespective of age!

What complications could occur with a dental implant?

When placed by an experienced implant dentist, dental implants are safe and effective with a high success rate. However, like any surgery, implants come with risks. These will be explained to you in detail, during your treatment discussions with Dr Meng.

There are other risk factors which could increase the chance of implant failure such as periodontal disease and smoking. This is why it’s very important to discuss any existing medical conditions such as osteoporosis or diabetes with our dentist before proceeding with dental implant treatment.

Being vigilant with your oral care at home and attending regular dental check-ups will also reduce any risks of infection or complications so that your dental implants can last you for many years to come.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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