IV Sedation in Chatswood – Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Many people put off getting the dental treatment they need for fear of going to the dentist. Fortunately, we provide IV sedation at our Chatswood dental clinic that enables patients to undergo treatment in an anxiety-free environment.

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is the name given to a sedative that is injected into a vein. If you feel anxious about undergoing dental treatment, rest assured that intravenous sedation (IV) is an effective and safe treatment that can help you overcome your fears.

Is IV Sedation Right for Me?

Anyone who feels nervous about having dental treatment is likely to benefit from IV sedation.

It may be that your fear of the dentist stems back to a traumatic experience in the past and understandably, you feel nervous at the thought of sitting in the dental chair. If you can relate to this, then IV sedation coupled with Dr Quah-Shepherd’s calming chairside manner can help you overcome this fear.

The physical relaxation brought on by IV Sedation can also help patients who have a severe gag reflex or who struggle to control their bodily movements because of a medical condition such as Parkinson’s Disease.

While under IV Sedation, patients should still be able to understand and respond to our Sydney dentist, even though they feel deeply relaxed. Most recall very little, if anything, about their treatment once they are feeling back to normal.

What is the procedure for IV Sedation in Chatswood?

The sedative is administered by our specially trained dentist though a thin plastic tube (catheter) into the back of your hand or into one of your arms.

Throughout the procedure, your oxygen levels and pulse are continually monitored plus your blood pressure will be taken before and after the treatment.

We may also give local anaesthesia to numb the affected area and minimise discomfort.

Once the treatment is over, you will be given time to recover before being escorted home by a family member or friend. The effects of IV sedation can take several hours during which time you should not drive or drink alcohol.

If you are anxious about getting dental treatment and you want to avoid the noise and vibration of the drill, IV sedation could be the perfect treatment for you. If you are booking an appointment, please mention beforehand that you are an anxious patient and our caring team will do all they can to make you feel at your ease.

For anxiety-free dentistry, please call Boutique Dental Care or book online.