Tooth Fillings Chatswood

Tooth Fillings Chatswood

Tooth Fillings in Chatswood – Safe and Natural-Looking

Are you in need of tooth fillings Chatswood? Then look no further than Boutique Dental Care. Our dentist in Chatswood NSW provides mercury-free composite (white) dental fillings that are chosen for their aesthetics, durability, and versatility. Coloured to match the natural look of your teeth, they bring back a beautiful smile seamlessly.

Versatile and Durable Dental Fillings

Our experienced dentist in Chatswood NSW will use a white tooth filling to fix a cavity caused by decay, support a weakened tooth, and even replace an old silver amalgam filling. Composite dental fillings are also used at our practice to repair tiny cracks and fractures. Moreover, because they have the ability to blend effortlessly into your existing smile, white fillings are incredibly hard to spot.

Advancements in technology mean that composite dental fillings are also much stronger than they once were. This means that our Chatswood NSW dental patients can benefit from a white tooth filling in any area of their mouth without worrying that it might crack.

Undergoing dental fillings in Chatswood – The Procedure?

  • In most cases, our Sydney dentist will use a local anaesthetic to ease any discomfort for the patient.
  • It’s important that white dental fillings are kept away from moisture, so the first step is to isolate the tooth to be filled using a rubber dam.
  • Next, any decay is removed, and the cavity is flushed out, shaped, and thoroughly dried.
  • An etching gel may be applied to the interior of the cavity to help the composite material adhere. Our Chatswood NSW dentist then starts to fill the cavity, one layer at a time, hardening each layer with a high-intensity light.
  • Once the cavity is full, the tooth filling is shaped to fit in with your bite and polished to give it an appearance that closely mirrors that of a natural tooth.

In most cases, the procedure takes around 30 minutes, but the larger the cavity, the longer it takes.


How long do dental fillings in Chatswood last?

Composite dental fillings can last up to 7 years or longer although this depends on factors such as the location in your mouth, your diet, grinding or clenching your teeth, and your oral habits.

If you want to find out more about how a simple white tooth filling can improve your smile, come and talk to our team of friendly dentists at Boutique Dental Care in Chatswood NSW. If you are looking to undergo composite tooth fillings Chatswood, you are in safe hands. Call on 02 9054 5281 or book a consultation online.