Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

How A Crown or Dental Bridge Benefits Chatswood Patients

At Boutique Dental Care we use the finest materials for restoratives such as a crown or dental bridge.Our Chatswood patients never fail to be wowed by their natural-looking appearance.

Our Sydney dentists are extremely skilled in designing exquisite crowns and bridges at our dental surgery in Chatswood NSW to restore patients’ smiles. We use high-tech digital scanning to enable a precise and comfortable fit every time.

Dental Bridges in Chatswood – How Do They Work?

A dental bridge consists of two crowns (one at each end of the appliance) with one or more false teeth sitting in between them.

The teeth at either end of the tooth gap (abutment teeth) are fitted with the two crowns and used to secure the bridge, while artificial teeth (pontics) close the gap and restore the smile. They are permanently fixed in the mouth.

Crowns and bridges Chatswood NSW can also be placed onto the top of dental implants for a permanent and more durable replacement alternative to traditional bridges.


Why replace missing teeth with a dental bridge?

Our dentist in Chatswood NSW will tell you that missing teeth can affect the function and anatomy of your smile. Not only will missing teeth shift inwards towards an open space but this can also cause misalignment and bite problems. Installing a dental bridge improves functionality and aesthetics.

What are dental crowns in Chatswood NSW made from?

We use ceramic and porcelain for our crowns and bridges that are colour matched to your adjacent teeth so they blend in seamlessly. A dental crown or bridge is extremely durable but to maximise its life expectancy, our Chatswood NSW dentist recommends brushing and flossing carefully around them to remove bacteria and plaque.

If you need a crown or dental bridge in Chatswood, look no further than Boutique Dental Care. Our expertise in dentistry guarantees high-quality cosmetic crowns with natural, functional and durable results. Call our practice at Boutique Dental Care in Chatswood NSW today