Snoring Treatment Chatswood

Snoring Treatment Chatswood

Snoring Treatment Chatswood Patients Can Trust

If your snoring is driving everyone in your household crazy, it might be a good time for you to consider snoring treatment. Chatswood patients may joke about their snoring, but it can be the sign of a more serious sleeping disorder known as sleep apnoea.

If you snore and wake up most days feeling tired and lethargic you could be suffering from sleep apnoea. This condition can put your health at risk in several ways which is why it’s so important to come and talk to your dentist in Chatswood NSW about snoring treatment. Sleep apnoea can increase your risk of heart attacks,strokes and other diseases.

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea occurs when a person’s breathing is reduced or stopped while they sleep because of a blockage in their upper airway. It causes loud snoring which is often followed by a snort as the person tries to clear their airway.

One of the most common causes of sleep apnoea is being overweight. You may find losing a few pounds and sleeping on your side is enough to stop your snoring.

As professional dentists here in Chatswood NSW, we’re not permitted to diagnose sleep apnoea, but we can do some screening and provide treatment for those already diagnosed with this condition.

Snoring Treatment in Chatswood NSW

To help patients with their snoring, our Chatswood NSW dentists have at their disposal a device in the form of a customised oral appliance. This is designed to open the upper airway, improving oxygen intake. Worn over the teeth, it repositions the tongue and pushes the lower jaw forward while you sleep, thus helping to keep the airway open.

A custom mouthguard is particularly effective as a snoring treatment but in addition, an oral sleep device has also been proven to treat mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

Most Chatswood NSW patients notice a marked improvement in their sleeping when wearing an oral device, and you could too.

If you suffer from snoring or suspect that sleep apnoea could even be a concern, then why not make an appointment with Dr Quah-Shepherd. She can screen via questionnaires and visual intraoral assessments for any signs that may indicate sleep apnoea such as bruxism, day time sleepiness, and snoring. She can also provide you with snoring treatment in Chatswood and liaise with a sleep professional to help.

We can organise for you to have a home sleep study from our practice. As there is no need to go to the hospital for this it can be more convenient for many patients.

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