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General and Family Dentistry

As a Chatswood family dentist, Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd strives to ensure that your oral health stays in a stable or more improved state from your first visit with us. Over the years, we carefully check and monitor the integrity of your teeth and existing restorations as we make sure that you’re happy with your smile (and your experience).

Dental Checkups

Dr Meng Shepherd working on patientWe take a personal approach to providing nurturing dental care and recommendations to our patients. Whatever your concern may be, we’ll help you to address them and plan for the future.

Visiting our office isn’t like an everyday dental appointment; it’s an experience that’s designed to transform your opinion about dentistry as a whole. You’ll have Dr Meng’s undivided attention as we work together to care for your smile through comprehensive examinations, saliva checks, diagnostic X-rays and more.

Children’s Dental Health

Imagine a dental team that’s attentive to the needs of small children, so that your entire family can be seen in one location. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Boutique Dental Care. We partner with parents like you care for children’s smiles so that they can grow up with healthier teeth and oral anatomy.

As a prevention focused practice, we know what it takes to avoid complex dental concerns before they start. Through early intervention and preventative techniques, we help children enjoy a positive outlook on their visits with us.

We make it more affordable for families to receive regular dental care with our fixed price check up package for two adults and two children.

Preventative Dentistry

Enjoy gentle scale and cleans with our passionate, experienced hygienist. Through ongoing preventative care, you can reduce your risk of oral diseases that impact your overall health. Left untreated, periodontitis can complicate conditions such as stroke, diabetes and more.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Your oral anatomy can have a significant impact on how you breathe and the quality of your sleep. Situations such as a smaller lower jaw may inhibit oxygen flow and predispose you to problems like snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea.

Most people ignore snoring as a normal fact of life – but the reality is that it is a serious issue and in some cases, could be slowly damaging your body including your brain function and respiratory health.”

Dr Meng

Dr Meng works closely with local sleep specialists who oversee your treatment plan. Together, we develop options to open the airway near the back of your mouth, so that obstructed breathing can be eliminated. Not only can this assist you with fighting excessive fatigue and high blood pressure, it might even save your life.

Gentle Dental Care for All Ages

With the help of Dr Meng, you can enjoy a refreshing boutique experience for all of your dental services. How can we help you have a healthier, happier smile? Contact us today!



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