iTero® Scanner

iTero® Scanner

The iTero® Scanner Chatswood Patients Appreciate

At Boutique Dental Care we have invested in some of the latest technologies to benefit our patients such as the iTero Scanner. Chatswood patients appreciate the speed and ease at which their mouths can be scanned to produce 3D images in just minutes. Intraoral scanners are just one of many ways our Chatswood NSW dentists provide first-class modern dentistry.

What are Intraoral Scanners?

At our Chatswood clinic, the focus is on patient comfort, and this is what you can expect from an iTero scanner. It is in effect a small hand-held wand that is gently moved around a patient’s mouth, In doing so it delivers a 3-dimensional digital impression of your teeth and soft tissues in as little as 2-3 minutes. No more messy, gag-inducing alginate used previously for impression taking. Instead, just quick, comfortable scanning.

In addition, any digital images that the iTero scanner produces are more accurate than traditional two-dimensional versions they replace. This helps us highlight any problems early in order to provide precision treatments.

Intraoral Scanners in Chatswood – What are they used for?

Our Chatswood NSW dentists use intraoral scanners to create exact physical dental models for restorative work such as crowns and bridges, implants, and veneers. They are also used in diagnosing orthodontic problems and developing personalised treatment plans. iTero scans can be easily shared with third-party providers such as Invisalign and other dental professionals, making communication better thus improving patient outcomes.

Dental Images Captured in Real-Time

The iTero scanner used in our Chatswood NSW practice captures thousands of images per second which are piece together to render a 3D visualisation of a patient’s mouth. It also has a screen which displays the images in real-time as they are captured.

This means we can record the position and condition of your teeth at any time using the images to compare any difference from the last time we examined your dentition.

What are the benefits for patients in Chatswood NSW?

With regards to the benefits of the iTero scanner, Chatswood patients will

  • Forego messy, nasty tasting impression materials
  • Not have to open their mouth wide for long periods of time
  • Be able to breathe and swallow as normal
  • View their teeth on the scans as their dentist discuss any problems
  • Not need to have impressions retaken

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