Providing a Sprinkling of Oral Hygiene Tips

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Uncategorized

Dental patient

Our two “tooth fairies” Anna and Katherine visited two childcare centres. The purpose of our hygienists’ visits was to educate the children on oral health as part of Oral Health Week.

Offering Tooth-Friendly Information

Anna and Katherine showed examples of bad treats and soft drinks. They educated the children on how these and other sugary substances can be bad for our teeth. On the flip side, our hygienists shared examples of foods that are good for our teeth and healthy.

The children loved seeing our tooth fairies and were happy and engaged. We felt privileged that Anna and Katherine were able to provide essential oral hygiene information.

Check out some images from the day below! Another way to ensure that your child enjoys a bright, healthy smile is by scheduling a checkup and clean every six months. Contact Boutique Dental Care today!