Are Your Gums Trying To Tell You Something? And Why Do They Sometimes Bleed?

by | Dec 1, 2020 | General Dentistry

Dental patient

Imagine if you touched your arm and it spontaneously started bleeding… would you be concerned? I think it is safe to say we all would be!

Yet many people find that when they clean their teeth, their gums bleed. So why does this not concern them in the same way?

At Boutique Dental Care, we have been wondering just that. And in our experience, we’ve found that when the gums bleed, it can be hard to see and it tends to be painless – making it easy to ignore.


However, at Boutique Dental Care, we do not think bleeding gums should be ignored.

When the gums bleed, it is a sign that they are not as healthy as they should be. Often it is caused by too much plaque and bacteria building up around them. The plaque and bacteria irritate the gums causing them to become inflamed, red and swollen, hence the bleeding.

This is a condition known as gum disease or gingivitis.

However, if gum disease is not treated it can start to damage the bone and supporting structures around your teeth. This is an irreversible condition, known as ​periodontal disease​ ​or jawbone disease​.

That is why at Boutique Dental Care, we like to see gums that are pink and firm, and that do not bleed when we probe around them.

At Boutique Dental Care, we think gum health is one of the most important factors for whole mouth health, as the gum and the bone are the foundation for the teeth. When you come to our practice for your routine dental check-up, we always like to check the health of your gums and bone.

So don’t ignore the signs of gum disease any longer, as early detection and prevention can help to save your smile! Book an appointment with our friendly team at Boutique Dental Care today on (02) 9412 3066 to have your gum health checked.

From all the team at Boutique Dental Care, thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back as we continue to explore dental topics that matter to you!




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