Discover How You Can Straighten Your Smile in 8 Months

Effective and subtle – ideal for adults who want to straighten their teeth

  • A flexible solution with different options to suit you
  • Both fixed and removable appliances are clear and discreet
  • High-quality components which provide maximum comfort
  • Efficient treatment time means an affordable price
  • Average treatment time up to 8 months depending on circumstances

“The Quick Straight Teeth system is very different from traditional braces – it’s predictable, quick and affordable; perfect for our adult patients who have undergone previous orthodontic treatment where the teeth have reverted.”

— Meng Quah-Shepherd

What is Quick Straight Teeth?

Unlike traditional braces which can take up to two years to complete, the Quick Straight Teeth treatment can ensure you have a straighter smile in as little as four weeks! It is an efficient and effective solution for a number of concerns, including spaced or crowded teeth, and incorrect bites.

Specifically designed to be fast, efficient, and gentle, this innovative orthodontic treatment delivers exactly what its name suggests. Quick Straight Teeth is ideal for our adult patients who may have previously put off orthodontic treatment because it is too costly and time-consuming, or they simply do not want to wear unsightly braces for years.

Quick Straight Teeth is generally only used on the front six to eight teeth – the so-called ‘social teeth’ which show when you smile – and this is how we can reduce the time and cost to straighten your smile. While this does mean the treatment is not ideal for major orthodontic issues, it is very effective for correcting minor to moderate issues.

Fixed and removable appliances to suit you

Quick Straight Teeth is a discreet orthodontic system with choices of either fixed or removable braces, and both options are made from transparent materials. Clear brackets combined with tooth-coloured wire means that your treatment will be virtually invisible even when you opt for the fixed brackets.




The use of Quick Straight Teeth helps to ensure tooth movement is highly predictable and quick. Depending on the complexity of your case, straightening times could be as little as four weeks, though the average is approximately six to eight months.

Quick Straight Teeth Sydney NSW

This is especially ideal for individuals who have had previous orthodontic work where the teeth have reverted. At Boutique Dental Care, we can correct many types of misaligned and improperly positioned teeth with the Quick Straight Teeth system. Call us for your free consult.

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