Sleep Apnoea Sydney

  • Do you constantly wake your spouse or even sleep in separate rooms for your snoring? We can help!
  • Ensure you're around longer for the people you love by addressing health issues such as sleep apnoea and snoring
  • Stop feeling fatigued every day due to restless sleep and snoring
  • Our team will work with a group of sleep specialists to decide on a treatment plan, which you will be able to receive right here at our Chatswood clinic

“Most people ignore snoring as a normal fact of life - but the reality is that it is a serious issue and in some cases could be slowly damaging your body including your brain function and respiratory health”

— Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd

Are you concerned about your or your partner’s snoring? We will find a solution for you.

An estimated one-third of the Australian population suffer from sleep disorders, leading to a lot of sleepless nights and often undiagnosed issues.

What causes snoring?

Snoring occurs when the muscles at the base of the throat relax during sleep and partially block the air passage as a result. When the air travels through the partially blocked passage, this causes the muscles to vibrate and produce the sound we know as snoring.

How are snoring and sleep apnoea related?

Snoring can be a sign of a medical condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). This condition occurs when the muscles at the base of the throat relax and completely block off the air passage – causing the sufferer to wake up in order to begin the breathing process again. These pauses in breathing can actually be very dangerous and can happen hundreds of times a night. If you have OSA, this could lead to serious medical conditions such as strokes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Signs you may have sleep apnoea:

  • Choking/gasping during sleep
  • Tiredness on waking
  • Excessive day sleepiness
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Nocturia
  • Poor Concentration/Memory
  • Reflux
  • Anxiety/Depression

If you suffer from any of the above issues you may benefit from booking an appointment at our dental practice located in Chatswood for an assessment.

Treating sleep apnoea and snoring

Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd works with a team of specialists that will help you towards better sleep quality and a healthier life. These treatments may include:

  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Weight loss
  • CPAP
  • Dental appliances
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