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Preventative Dental Care in Chatswood

Keeping your pearly whites gleaming and healthy starts with preventative care. Just as taking care of your vehicle through routine maintenance such as oil changes can keep your car out of the shop, getting regular checkups can help you avoid costly dental repairs.

Checkups at Boutique Dental Care

Image of woman flossing for preventative dentistry in ChatswoodWe recommend that patients come in every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Our warm and caring team members get to know our patients and will help ensure that you feel entirely comfortable at every appointment.

You can expect the following during your six-month checkup appointment:

  • A comprehensive examination and evaluation of your teeth and well as your gums, tongue, cheeks and lips
  • X-rays, if necessary
  • Oral hygiene recommendations
  • A customized oral health care plan
  • A scale and polish, as well as a fluoride treatment

Home Care Tips for Healthy Teeth

In addition to coming into the office for checkups every six months, it’s essential to practice excellent oral hygiene habits at home. Doing so can help to prevent plaque buildup, decay and gum disease. We recommend the following:

Brushing twice a day– Remove cavity-causing plaque by brushing two times a day for two minutes per session. We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush for optimal comfort. Be sure to not only brush your teeth but along the gum lines too.

Flossing daily– Brushing alone can’t reach those hard-to-reach spots between teeth. That’s why flossing each day is essential. Choose from traditional dental floss, a water flosser or a floss pick.

Keeping your tongue clean– Did you know that your tongue harbours bacteria that cause bad breath? Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash isn’t enough. The next time you brush your teeth remember to brush your tongue as well.

Exceptional Preventative Dental Care

Has it been a while since your last checkup? We never judge; we always want to help. Contact us today to book a convenient appointment! We accept all health funds.



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