Great tips for a great smile

At Boutique Dental Care, we are dedicated to your oral health and have come up with some great tips to help you keep yours in great condition. Read our FAQs to find out about the solutions we recommend and offer for common dental questions.

Why do I need to see the dentist every six months?

Oral health is an integral part of your general health.

By receiving regular check-ups our dental practitioner can detect and prevent any signs of dental concerns. Early detection of dental issues such as tooth decay or gum disease can avoid serious health problems in the future.  Book an appointment with Boutique Dental Care today on (02) 9412 3066.

How can I achieve whiter teeth?

Teeth Whitening Solutions.

Boutique Dental Care offers a one-hour whitening treatment to reverse years of stained teeth, and transform your smile. We use the latest whitening technology to achieve the most effective and timely results in a safe and comfortable process.

I'm afraid/anxious about visiting the dentist

Unfortunately, dental anxiety is very real.

It’s common to experience fear when visiting the dentist, which is often a result from a negative experience in the past. At Boutique Dental Care we understand that for some people this dental anxiety is very real, which can often compromise visits for an important dental check-up.

To ensure your comfort and ease during your visit at Dental Boutique Care, Dr Meng and her team provide the utmost care and methods to prevent all levels of anxiety.  These include:

  • Penthrox (also known as the Green Whistle) to ease anxiety
  • Mouth cushion for patients who fear opening their mouth for too long
  • A rubber protection sheet which keeps the mouth dry and prevents water reaching the throat
  • We do not use any nose piece on our patients’ faces
  • Dr Meng applies a numbing cream prior to treatments

What are cosmetic injectables?

Refresh and enhance your appearance.

As we age, it is likely to endure wrinkles, facial lines and reduced volume in areas of your face, which can add unfavorable years onto our appearance.

Dr Meng and her specialised team now offer facial enhancements with injectables as part of an anti-wrinkle treatment to help minimise the signs of ageing. The specific problem areas we treat include:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile lines
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Marionette lines

How can I replace a missing tooth?

Restorative Dentistry.

Do you have a missing tooth or need to have a tooth extracted?  If so, you have a few replacement options including a dental bridge or dental implant.  Read more about dental crowns and bridges. Read more about dental implants.

How can I improve my oral hygiene?

Oral hygiene is essential to your oral and general health.

  1. Ensure you are brushing correctly – it is important to angle your brush in different directions to reach all tooth surfaces.
  2. You should replace your toothbrush – approximately every three to four months or after being sick. This will stop any germs being recirculated in your mouth.
  3. Floss! And floss correctly – this is crucial in removing bacteria in the hard-to-reach places. Floss at least once a day.
  4. A healthy diet is best – over-consuming candy, soft drinks or foods with high levels of sugar will lead to dental concerns, such as cavities or tooth decay.
  5. Visit your dentist regularly – Your dentist will be able to detect any dental problems and advise you on the best course of prevention to ensure optimal oral hygiene.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Sensitive teeth: it’s the dentine

Hard bristled brushes, brushing too vigorously and/or bad gum disease over time will expose the underlying dentine which causes that shivering feeling when your teeth come into contact with hot, cold or sweet things. Always use the right brush or an electric tooth brush. Another reason for tooth sensitivity can be that you have a hole. If in doubt, it’s best to book an appointment!

Is smoking bad for my teeth?

Smoking is one of the leading causes of oral cancer in Australia.

Not only does it create poor oral health, but those who currently smoke are:

  • Twice as likely as former smokers and four times as likely as non-smokers to have poor oral health
  • One and a half times as likely as former smokers and more than two times as likely as non-smokers to have had three or more oral health problems
  • At a 50 times higher risk of oral cancer if they use smokeless tobacco

Smoking in general is bad for your health and if you want to maintain the health of your smile as well as your body we recommend avoiding this bad habit.

Boutique Dental Care is conveniently located in Chatswood, Sydney. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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