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Orthodontics in Chatswood

Crafting Straighter Smiles at Boutique Dental Care

Crooked teeth aren’t just an aesthetic concern, they’re also a risk to your healthy smile. Fortunately, our Chatswood family dentist Dr. Meng, offers in-house orthodontics for adults so there’s no need for you to visit a provider you don’t know or aren’t comfortable with.

Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Woman putting on invisible bracesHaving properly aligned teeth allows you to reduce your risk of complications such as:

  • Abnormal tooth wear and fractures
  • Broken fillings and crowns
  • Sleep apnoea
  • TMJ disorder
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease (periodontitis)

A Full Face Approach to Orthodontics

It’s not just your smile that can transform with orthodontic treatment. Dr Meng will ensure that your recommended treatment balances the upper and lower jaw to help change your whole facial profile for the better.

If you’re an adult who never had the chance to straighten your smile, it isn’t too late. At Boutique Dental Care we offer a variety of cosmetic braces and aligners for you to choose from. Having straighter teeth are a smart investment in your future.

Invisalign ® Aligners

The pioneer in clear and removable braces, Invisalign uses advanced technology and translucent aligners to straighten your teeth without fixed wires or brackets. Just change your trays out every two weeks to see your smile straighten right before your eyes. Plus, you can eat all of your favourite foods. Most of our patients complete treatment within a year. Need faster results? Ask about Invisalign Lite.

I personally have had Invisalign on my teeth so I know what is involved from a patient’s point of view.”

Dr Meng

Quick Straight Teeth

Have a straighter smile in about 6-8 months. Quick Straight Teeth uses removable clear and tooth coloured appliances to adjust the teeth at the front of your mouth…the ones people see when you’re talking or smiling. Choose between ceramic braces or removable aligners to discreetly enhance your appearance. This option is gentle, affordable, efficient and fast, so that you don’t need to spend two years in treatment.

The Quick Straight Teeth system is very different from traditional braces – it’s predictable, quick and affordable; perfect for our adult patients who have undergone previous orthodontic treatment where the teeth have reverted.

Full Braces

Depending on the complexity of your individual oral health needs, full braces may be necessary. Sometimes you need additional space for your teeth and jaw issues to be resolved than the aligner or fast options provide.  Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just correct the straightness of your teeth, it can also address bite or jaw alignment issues that exist even when your teeth appear to be straight. Dr Meng assesses all patients thoroughly and will make a recommendation for treatment that is tailored to suit your specific needs.

Conventional orthodontic therapy is fitting for nearly any bite misalignment concern. From mild crowding to significant spacing issues, Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd (Dentist) offers standard braces that provide accuracy and efficiency when it comes to achieving the results you need and want.

How Long Will Orthodontic Treatment Take?

The length of time you spend in braces depends on several different factors. From the way your mouth is designed to how well you follow your home care instructions, a variety of elements are at play.

During your initial orthodontic evaluation, we will be able to provide you with an estimated time frame of what an ideal case will take to correct. Although it varies from person to person, a typical treatment plan often requires anywhere from 12-18 months to complete.

Invest in Braces for a Healthier Smile

Achieving a straighter smile can extend the life of your teeth and existing dental work. If you’ve started to notice worn enamel or teeth shifting out of place, you may want to consider getting braces as an excellent choice for the future of your smile.

Book a consultation for yourself or one of your children today to learn more! Financing plans are available.


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