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Mouthguards in Chatswood

Custom mouthguards in Chatswood
The smile is considered to be a person’s best accessory so it should be protected. At Boutique Dental Care, we offer customised mouthguards that can safeguard teeth against a variety of common dental injuries that can occur due to sports injuries, TMJ, and clenching.

What About a Store-Bought Mouthguard?

]Traditional boil-and-bite store-bought guards are inferior to custom-fitted ones as they don’t fit the mouth securely. While they may be inexpensive, they’re no bargain if they fail to adequately protect the mouth and teeth from a blow or injury.

We can provide the following types of mouthguards:

  • Bruxism Guards — Often caused by stress or anxiety, teeth clenching or grinding can become habitual and is often done during sleep. This habit can result in the teeth getting shorter and growing more sensitive. Grinding or clenching also can loosen or break the teeth. That’s why we recommend wearing a bruxism guard as it provides a gentle cushion between the upper and lower teeth, blocking them from grating against each other.
  • Sports Guards — If you or your child engages in a contact sport such as rugby or soccer dental injuries can quickly happen. Not only can a blow to the mouth sideline you from the game but a broken or knocked-out tooth could result as well. A custom-fitted sports mouthguard protects against not only tooth trauma but concussion as well. We offer sports mouthguards in a range of colours so you can even get one to match your team jersey!
  • TMJ Pain and Disorder Guards — Does your jaw click or pop when you open your mouth or chew? If yes, you may have TMJ. Other symptoms of the disorder include jaw tenderness, headaches, earaches, and facial pain. We can craft a custom-fitted guard that can prevent damaging behaviour and reduce joint discomfort and tension.
  • Orthodontic Guards — If you or your child wears braces, we also provide orthodontic mouthguards to protect the teeth and lips from cuts.

Start Shielding Your Smile

Obtaining a mouthguard is a simple process. You just need to have a brief consultation with our dentist and then have an impression made of your teeth.

Schedule a fitting for yourself or your children today!


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