How To Straighten Teeth? – Proven Alternatives To Fixed Metal Braces

by | May 26, 2021 | Teeth Straightening

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Do you have crooked teeth? If you want to know how to straighten teeth but don’t like the thought of wearing fixed metal braces, we’re going to talk about alternative options – options that are more discreet, more aesthetically pleasing and in all honesty like dental veneers, will give you greater flexibility.

But before we dive in and talk about those options, it’s worth taking a quick look at the problems or disadvantages of fixed orthodontic appliances such as metal braces.


Fixed Metal Braces –  The Disadvantages

One of the main issues of metal braces is that they don’t go unnoticed. Anyone who has ever worn braces as a teenager will testify that they are pretty conspicuous by their nature. So, while this might not be an issue for younger people, many adults are put off wearing them even though they really do work.

other disadvantage of fixed orthodontics is that they can take some getting used to. Let’s face it, most patients have a love/hate relationship with their braces.

They love the fact that they’ll end up with a straighter healthier smile but hate the fact that wearing a mouth full of brackets and arch-wires for 24 hours a day isn’t easy.

So now we know the issues associated with fixed metal braces, let’s dive in and talk about the alternatives?


Dental Veneers and Clear Aligners

As the title above states, both dental veneers and clear aligners (Invisalign) are a solid alternative to fixed metal braces that in most cases work just as well. Yet they straighten teeth in completely different ways. Let’s take a closer look at each in turn…


Firstly, Invisalign…

Invisalign clear aligners work in the same way as fixed brace orthodontics in that they use gentle but sustained force to gradually shift teeth into alignment. The key difference is that this form of orthodontic treatment doesn’t involve brackets and wiring. Instead, a series of clear plastic aligners (known as trays) are worn over the teeth like an invisible mouthguard. Moreover, each one is designed to be removable. The advantages are that they are discreet, comfortable and, because they don’t need to be worn all the time, put you in control.


So what about dental veneers? How can they straighten crooked teeth or close gaps?

When it comes to understanding how to straighten teeth, you should know that dental veneers are a totally different proposition. Rather than straightening teeth naturally like fixed braces or clear aligners, dental veneers take a cosmetic approach.


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