Dental Crowns Sydney NSW

Crowns and bridges can help restore the appearance of your smile - and when your smile looks good, so do you!

  • Restore your smile with natural-looking porcelain that strengthens the teeth
  • A subtle and safe way to restore damaged teeth
  • No more gaps – smile with a full set of teeth again!
  • Crowns can restore natural teeth to avoid extraction and dental implants

“Patients can experience a drastic change in their appearance after having dental crowns fitted. It's also very important for your health to replace missing teeth, which can be done with bridges.”

— Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd

Thanks to the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry, porcelain crowns can now live up to the appearance and function of your original teeth.

When is a dental crown required?

For patients with extensive tooth wear, weakened or broken teeth, maximum improvement is usually obtained with crowns. All ceramic crowns are made with tooth-coloured materials which can completely cover teeth affected by decay or injury. Sensitive enamel should also no longer be an issue and you should be able to chew and smile as normal – if not better than before having crowns.

When is a dental bridge required?

A bridge is a ceramic restoration used to fill in an empty space where one or more teeth have been lost. It is aptly named as it literally ‘bridges’ the gap left by a missing tooth. A bridge generally consists of three or more dental crowns which have been fused together to create a prosthetic appliance.

When a lost tooth is replaced with bridgework, the adjacent teeth are prepared as the crowns will sit over these teeth to anchor the bridge and provide it with proper support.

If you have a missing or damaged tooth, please contact the Boutique Dental Care team below.

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