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Transform Your Smile with Boutique Dental Care – A Top Dentist Near Artarmon.

Welcome to Boutique Dental Care, your innovative dental clinic located in Chatswood, NSW, close to Artarmon.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced dentists are committed to providing personalised, comprehensive care for all our patients.

We offer a full range of the latest dental services and treatments designed to restore your smile and improve your oral health.

Our staff is known for their skills, knowledge and friendly approach, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed while we provide customised solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Looking for top-rated dental care near Artarmon? The dentists at Boutique Dental Care are the ones you’re looking for!


A Trusted Destination Near Artarmon for Top-Class Dentistry: Boutique Dental Care

At Boutique Dental Care, we provide patient-centred dental care that goes beyond your expectations.
Our experienced team tailors dental treatments to your individual needs, allowing you to achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Our lead dentist, Dr Meng, has over 30 years’ of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry and is committed to providing the highest quality care possible. As part of her commitment to excellence, Dr Meng regularly undertakes post-graduate continuing education courses so she can stay up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry.

At Boutique Dental Care near Artarmon, we understand that you may be anxious about your dental treatment, which is why Dr Meng is focused on helping you overcome your fear and enjoy stress-free dental treatments.

If you live in Artarmon, dentist Dr Meng and her team in nearby Chatswood offer highly-rated dental services for the entire family.

Complete Dental Care for Optimal Health

Our experienced and skilled dentists provide a range of treatments that can help restore and maintain optimal oral health.

Our general dentistry treatments include check-ups, cleaning, fillings, root canal treatment, extractions and snoring treatment.

For those looking for cosmetic dental solutions, we offer teeth whitening services and exquisite porcelain veneers to straighten teeth or hide imperfections.

We use the latest techniques for dental implants, resulting in shorter surgery times and faster recovery periods.

Our crowns and bridges are crafted with the finest materials to ensure they look natural while restoring your mouth’s function.

We also create radiant smiles using orthodontic solutions like fixed braces and Invisalign. Check our Smile Gallery to see our patients’ transformations!

In case of an emergency, you can get same-day appointments (Monday-Saturday), so you don’t have to suffer dental pain.

Our goal is always to provide you with top-quality service while ensuring you maintain good oral health.

Discover Exceptional Dentistry Near Artarmon – Call Boutique Dental Care Today!

The experienced and skilled dentists at Boutique Dental Care are dedicated to providing top-class dental treatments so our patients can maintain optimal oral health.

Our practice is equipped with the latest technology, materials and techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Whether you need routine check-ups, cosmetic dentistry, or emergency treatment, we’ve got you covered.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful and healthy smile, and we’re here to help you achieve just that.

Book an appointment today, and let us help you achieve the smile you deserve!

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


Do you offer children's dentistry services near Artarmon, NSW?

Yes, we do! Our dental practice offers a gentle, positive experience for children, so there is no fear, and their sensitive mouths are taken care of.


We work with parents to instil lifelong oral hygiene practices, so your children can continue to reap the benefits of early oral care.

Could you tell me more about your reputation as a dentist?
We are honoured to have more than 200 reviews on Google that have given us a 4.9* rating.

Serving patients living in and around Artarmon, dentist Dr Meng has built a reputation of trust and excellence over decades.

What is the first step in oral health?

Oral health is directly connected to a clean mouth.


The best dental care starts with a proper brushing technique. Using a soft-bristled brush and a good quality fluoride toothpaste twice a day ensures all debris and decay-causing bacteria are removed from your mouth.

Flossing removes food particles from between teeth and is gentle enough to prevent bleeding gums.

Swishing with a good mouthwash can kill bacteria, especially in hard-to-reach gaps created by missing teeth.

How frequently should I visit your dental clinic?

For regular dental maintenance and preventive dentistry, we recommend a bi-annual visit.


If you are undergoing treatment for any condition, we will let you know of your next appointment and schedule it for you.

What should I expect at Boutique Dental Care near Artarmon?

Let go of your worries and visit Boutique Dental Care with confidence!


Our staff is here to create a safe, comfortable environment for everyone – regardless of their age or potential anxieties. Not only will we provide friendly care during each appointment, but our team always goes the extra mile to ensure that you understand all the necessary steps before taking them so you can feel in control.

At any follow-up visits, our committed professionals are there not just to treat any issues but also to educate on proper oral hygiene habits – giving clear guidance on how best to look after your teeth at home.

How shall I prepare for my first appointment at Boutique Dental Care near Artarmon?

Visiting us soon? Please remember to bring your health documents and dental records with you so that our team can serve you in the best way possible.


Also, consider adding a few extra minutes of travel time because while we have ample parking space available, there’s always a possibility of unexpected delays on route!

Take care of your oral hygiene at home: if something appears unusual in or around your mouth – don’t attempt to fix it yourself; leave it for us professionals instead.

To ensure an anxiety-free visit, try getting some good rest before coming over and remember knowledge is power – therefore, feel free to share what makes you uncomfortable during both the treatment session as well afterwards.

We are easily accessible on the phone during the workday should further conversation be necessary.

What are some signs I need to seek dental care near Artarmon?


You might need to see a dentist if you

  • have a toothache, gum pain, tooth sensitivity or other forms of discomfort.
  • note swelling or discolouration in the gums
  • observe changes in the colour or shape of your teeth
  • have pain in your jaw
  • see new sores or lesions on your lips or inside your mouth
  • have persistent bad breath
  • are experiencing pain while chewing or tooth sensitivity
  • have a dry mouth
What is different at Boutique Dental Care?

At our Chatswood NSW dental spa, we offer a uniquely relaxing patient experience where your comfort and convenience are the top priorities.

From neck pillows to ceiling-mounted TVs for entertainment during treatments, every detail has been carefully considered with your well-being in mind.

An inviting reception area greets you upon arrival – complete with complimentary beverages of either hot or cold varieties.


At our clinic, there is no more messy impression-taking thanks to state-of-the-art digital intraoral scanning equipment – making your experience exceptional from start to finish!

Lastly, as an added touch Dr Quah Shepherd has put together a special welcome pack just for you!

Do you offer emergency dental services?

Yes, we do offer emergency dental services.

We understand that dental emergencies can be painful and traumatic, so our team is dedicated to providing fast and effective relief.

Our dentists are available 6 days a week, with extended hours on Monday to Thursday to accommodate your emergency.


Plus, we have an experienced dentist standing by on Sundays to take any urgent calls you might have. Should the need arise, our Chatswood dentist will assess the situation over the phone and, where possible, will try to get you in for same-day treatment.

This way, we make sure that you get prompt relief from any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing.

My English is limited. Does your team speak another language?

At our dental practice, our team is highly skilled at communicating in a variety of languages. We can provide care and support in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Hindi and Thai.

This means that patients from Chatswood and the surrounding area can feel comfortable speaking to us in their native language if they prefer, rather than having to converse in a different language.

Our multilingual team has been carefully selected to ensure that we are able to provide an exceptional level of care and support to all of our patients, regardless of their language or cultural background.